BBI opinion


Kenyans don’t like reading but we are perfect when it comes to giving opinions. Baseless and misinformed opinions.

The final BBI document was launched yesterday in Kisii but until now, I have read and heard millions of divergent opinions about the it! Everyone is out here trying to say what they don’t know, only heard.

Have you people read the BBI document? Or your opinions are based on political affiliations? Personally, I am still trying to find time to go through it. I will just scheme through it and later on make a decision. However, from what I have heard, that thing is as confusing as a beautiful and stupid woman.

You don’t know whether to marry her for her beauty or leave her for her stupidity. BBI is like this woman. Very beautiful but very stupid. The beauty is in women and youth empowerment, business startups and support, strengthening of county government etc. The stupid part is very stupid.

Too many positions that will not only burden we the common Kenyans but also might sell our sovereignty to our loaners. This is not what our forefathers fought and died for. We don’t need more positions. Not at all and if anything, we need to cut on costs. After all, government salaries take up the largest chunk of the Kenyan budget.

The good thing about this beautiful and stupid woman is that the decision to date and marry her or just scheme through her and leave her for her matches lies within our reach. We have the authority. We all the time to court her before thinking of marriage.

The problem with Kenyan political marriages is that we let our relatives make the main decisions for us. This should never be the case. You don’t have to let your uncles and aunts help you decide on whether or not you will marry this woman. If you do then you have no right to complain if find out that your uncle or aunt is either feasting or being feasted on by them.

Your uncle Raila Odinga and your aunt William Ruto have nothing to lose in this BBI political marriage. It’s you, your family and future generations. This is your woman. This is your life. A woman that is supposed to give you children and take care of them. Your life and that of your future lineage.

Take time to understand this woman. Invest your time in reading BBI not only for your but your uneducated folks. Make a decision. Later, vote.