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Useful Idioty reveals why he left Tales of Crazy Kennar

If you are a lover of Kenya’s local comedy, then probably Tales of Crazy Kennar is one of your favorite groups. Lately, however one of the crew members by the name Stephen Otieno commonly known as “Useful Idioty” has been conspicuously missing.

Most of us have been asking about him. In an interview with You Tuber, Eve Mungai, Idioty takes us into details of how and why he left the Tales of Crazy Kennar, how he’s fairing on, and his plans for the future.

Idioty revealed that he is no longer with Tales of Crazy Kennar and is now focusing on his projects. He also clarified that there was no fallout between him and his former crew.

“Kidogo tu nikurudishe pale nyuma, sijakosana na mtu. Alafu ya pili, nimeanza upya,” he told Mungai Eve.

The self-proclaimed “king of mambwembwe” also revealed that he is the inspiration behind Bien ft Aron Rimbui’s Mbwembwe hit song.

When asked how it is, working without his former Crazy Kennar group, he admitted to being struggling. This is because he has to work with new people who don’t understand much about filming.

The struggle is real

“Na struggle lakini iko fity…Unajua ku work peke yako alafu unawork na totally na…unajaribu kusaidiwa na watu wenye hawaelewi about filming,” he explained.

For now, the recent graduate from JKUAT with a public health degree says he is focused on doing vines and promoting his recently launched “The Football Formula”. He will then start other shows with time among them a series called “Mambwembwe”.

He also admits that he doesn’t have money and is requesting people to offer jobs for him.

For his partying shot, Mr. Mambwembwe advised his fans to have friends but be careful about the type of friends they keep.

“Just remember that you can do anything that you feel like,” he said.

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