Kenya's 10 Most Watched Music Videos Ever

Kenya’s 10 Most Watched Music Videos Ever

Have you ever wondered, which Kenyan artists’ music videos have been watched the most on, the video-sharing platform, YouTube? The all-boyband, Sauti Sol, Willy Paul, and Otile Brown have all tied on the list. Female artists are not appearing in the top 10 and we are also wondering why.

10. Willy Paul ft Nandy- Njiwa (26M views)

The 2010 song featuring the Tanzanian songstress has over 23M views. It was among the songs that introduced him to the Tanzanian entertainment industry. The two have so much chemistry and have several projects together.

Kenya's 10 Most Watched Music Videos Ever

9. Otile Brown ft Jovial- Jeraha (24M views)

These two have so many projects together and their chemistry is also undeniable. This song did very well and was on high rotation on TikTok and mainstream media. It has clocked 24M views so far.

8. Otile Brown ft Jovial- Such Kinda Love (26M views)

This is one of Otile Brown’s most streamed songs of all time. The monster single was such a hit in Bongo and it earned him a new kind of respect. Together with Jovial, they have always been an unofficial duo. Such Kinda Love is currently at 26M.

7. Bahati ft Prince Indah- Adhiambo (27M views)

The former gospel singer and the prince of Rhumba mesmerized us with this one. The infusion was something unexpected and made the song a surprise. The cameo of politicians and celebrities in the video gave it more mileage.

6. SautiSol ft Nyanshiski- Short N Sweet (30M views)

The boys have done it again. Their collaboration with Nyashinki always hits harder and they are never disappointed in this. The colorful and smooth grooves visual was a darling with the fans. The dance routine was such a hit with the lead dancer therein, Aggy, securing many gigs from that role. Short N Sweet is also tied with 27M views.

5. SautiSol- Suzanna (30M views)

From their album Midnight Train, came the smash hit Suzanna. The world was freezing amid COVID but this tune kept us going. It drew a lot of playful criticism with its dark humor lyrics which gave it more mileage and their costumes were to die for: frivolous and fun.

4. SautiSol ft Patoranking- Melanin (34M views)

This particular single was a hit in Nigerian clubs and parties and it cemented their place in the Afrobeats culture. The whole video was a movie. The African theme was captured in an aesthetic way which made it a cut above the rest. It was the lead single for Sautisol’s album Afrikan Sauce.

3. Willy Paul ft Rayvanny- Mmmh (38M)

Willy Paul has a thing with Tanzanian music artists. Their collaborations always hit the roof and this was not any different. Rayvanny was making inroads into the Kenyan market at the time and this single ushered him right into the hearts of Kenyans.

Kenya's 10 Most Watched Music Videos Ever

2. Willy Paul ft Alaine- I Do (38M views)

This was the wedding song in 2017. Many couples all over the world walked down the aisle to it and it’s certainly Willy’s biggest single, or is Sitolia featuring Gloria Muliro? The Jamaican connection made the song bigger as Alaine is renowned both in Jamaica and the USA.

1. Otile Brown ft Meddy- Dusuma (41M views)

This song with the Rwandan singer, Meddy, was a surprise collaboration. It is such a romantic and groovy song and no one expected it to blow to such magnitudes. The lyrics video was enough and fans were not even interested in an official video anymore. It’s the most-watched music video of all time in Kenya. It carried Otile’s debut album, Just In Love, hands down. It has surpassed 41M views and it is still gaining every day. Kudos to Otile!!