Nairobi City

Photos: How Nairobi Compares to Other Top Cities in The World

There’s a clear-cut diversity among the world superpower cities, which are filled with everything from centuries-old palaces to neon-lit skylines to staggering skyscrapers but where among them does Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, fall?

The Green City in the Sun as commonly referred to by many, Nairobi is one of the most amazing cities in the world! From its diverse culture, friendly people to a breathtaking environment, Nairobi creates memories worth lifetime remembering.

Nairobi City | Photo Courtesy

However, there will always be something better than good. Today, we take a closer look at Nairobi visa vee other international cities. From historical heritages to local art, house specialities to sun-washed beaches, there’s something for everyone among these small to middle international cities.

Here is a list of cities that we thought can be compared to Nairobi.

  • Tokyo Japan
Tokyo, Japan | Photo Courtesy
  • Berlin Germany
Berlin, Germany | Photo Courtesy
  • Marseille, France
Marseille, France | Photo Courtesy
  • Bogota, Columbia
Bogota, Columbia | Photo Courtesy
  • Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal | Photo Courtesy
  • Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, Finland | Photo Courtesy
  • Palermo, Italy
Palermo, Italy | Photo Courtesy
  • Moscow, Russia
Moscow Russia | Photo Courtesy
  • Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden | Photo Courtesy
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil | Photo Courtesy
  • Denver, USA
Denver, Colorado USA | Photo Courtesy
  • Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines | Photo Courtesy