Nairobi City

Photos: Money Heist Cities in 3D

La Casa De Papel – Money Heist is arguably the best film of all time. With over 200 million views on Netflix, the Spanish series counts among the best TV shows of this century. If you have watched even just a part of the series, one thing apart from Bela Ciao stands out – the naming of the main characters using names of cities across the world.

From Berlin to Nairobi to Helsinki, Tokyo to Rio, and Moscow and Denver, these cities not only grew in popularity but also made their residents watch the series with pride. In this article, I will be sharing the best photos of the cities named above.

There’s a clear-cut diversity among the world’s superpower cities, which are filled with everything from centuries-old palaces, and movie-like skylines to staggering skyscrapers but where in the list do the cities featured in La Casa De Papel series fall?

Nairobi, Kenya

The Green City in the Sun as commonly referred to by many, Nairobi is one of the most amazing cities in the world! From its diverse culture, and friendly people to a breathtaking environment, Nairobi creates memories worth a lifetime remembering just like Nairobi (The Benevolent Matriarch) in the movie. Below is a picture of the city.

Photos: Money Heist Cities in 3D
Nairobi City | Photo Courtesy

Tokyo Japan

If Tokyo was your favorite character in La Casa De Papel then I bet the city of Tokyo would have the same effect on you. From neon-lit skyscrapers to traditional temples, Tokyo must be everyone’s go-to city. In the movie, Tokyo is known as the Hot-Blooded Protagonist, just like Tokyo’s temperatures during summer.

Photos: Money Heist Cities in 3D
Tokyo, Japan | Photo Courtesy

Berlin, Germany

Berlin the leader stands out from the rest, just like Berlin the city. Dating from as far as the 13th century, the city is rich in history. The climate is fair enough to everyone who has a good taste of cities. Being the capital of Germany, Berlin is the largest city both by population and area. Have a look at the city in the picture below.

Photos: Money Heist Cities in 3D
Berlin, Germany | Photo Courtesy

Moscow, Russia

Augustine Ramos commonly known as Moscow was one of the main characters of La Casa De Papel 1 and 2. He was the father to another city and a son by the name of Denver. His name Moscow stands for old and sensible just like the city of Moscow. The City hosts the Kremlin which boasts one of the best securities in the world. Moscow is Russia’s cosmopolitan capital and is very rich with history dating back to the Soviet Union era. Below is my favorite picture of Moscow.

Photos: Money Heist Cities in 3D
Moscow, Rusia | Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Denver, USA

Denver, the capital of Colorado State USA is a city with flair, sophistication, and history. A lot describes it but nothing conclusively tells the story of Denver as it’s the city of cities. The nearby rocky mountains offer the perfect place for lovers of skiing and the perfect vacation for historians who would love to see the mansion of the only survivor of the Titanic. Below is our editor’s selection of the best Denver photo.

Denver, Colorado, USA
Denver, USA | Photo Courtesy

                  Rio, Brazil

                  I was heartbroken when Rio broke up with Tokyo but that is nothing compared to when I missed the World Cup trip to Rio, Brazil in 2014. I love Brazil for its rich football history and the big names they have produced for the football world. Rio, The Baby was the man, the myth, and the legend and now we get to see what he would look like if he was a city.

                  Photos: Money Heist Cities in 3D
                  Rio, Brazil | Photo Courtesy


                  Helsinki and Oslo, two different cities yet so much in common. Oslo is the main city of Norway while Helsinki is the capital of Finland. The two musketeers met in prison and they sparked a brotherhood that lasted memories. Many have mistaken them to be real brothers. Lastly, below is a picture of the big brother, Helsinki to wrap up our article.

                  Helinski: Money Heist Cities in 3D
                  Helsinki, Finland | Photo Courtesy