Funniest Father's Day Replies to Messages 2024

Funniest Father’s Day Replies to Messages 2024

In 1966, the 36th president of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson issued a declaration assigning the third Sunday in June to honor fathers.

Father’s Day is special for families to remind their fathers how important they are. Fathers are the anchors of families and societies in general. They lay the foundation for current and future generations. They provide for us, educate us, and guide and protect us against all the world’s uncertainties.

On this day, fathers will be celebrated differently across the world. However, in Africa, we can almost guess how things are likely to unfold.

Father. Dad. Baba. Buda. Fathe. Mzae. Mzambatae. There are so many different names to refer to the man who raised us. Yet no matter what term of endearment we use to address our fathers, we celebrate them all on this specific day every year. This year, the third Sunday falls on June 16, 2024.

Most people will be looking for the best messages to send to their dads. At the same time, the response will be funny if not hilarious.

In previous years, when people sent these lovely warm messages to their dads, the replies not only left them in stitches but also wondering if they had sent the messages to the right people.

In what was shared on social media sometime back, we compiled some of the best responses of African dads on this day.

A man shared how he took almost half an hour to craft a very lovely text message to his day only for him to respond with, “Son, are you g*y?”

Another one received a reply where his father was asking if the message was meant for him and another “okay” was all that he could get from his dad.

Send an M Pesa Message

In another instance, a man talks about his dad telling him to “go straight to the point” and say he wanted money instead of beating around the bush. In less than a minute, an M Pesa message was in. It was time for a son to be a father.

In a funny response from a lady who sent the message to his dad, she received a response where his dad was so skeptical that he thought his daughter was planning mischief.

“Umefanya makosa gani this time? Ama unataka kulala nje tena?” the father asked.

Malcolm Forbes said that diversity is the art of thinking independently together. We, therefore, appreciate our dad’s different ways of perceiving messages. The truth is the only message that you will receive a better reply from your father on this day is an M Pesa message.

Look for your m pesa app and send something. I have just finished sending mine KES 300 and below is his response.

“My son, you know I am proud of you. May God continue blessing you and the work of your hands,” the message read.

Mine was to smile and type “Amen” as nothing is as sweet as a parent’s blessings.

Happy Father’s Day 2024 to our loving fathers and father figures.