Crazy Kennar Goes International with ‘Main Chick vs Side Chick’

Kenyan content creator Crazy Kennar has gone international once again. This is after their ‘Main Chick vs Side Chick’ clip went viral and was shared with a famous Twitter page called Daily Loud.

Kennar, as known by most of us, comically attempted to compare the various ways the official woman (main chick) versus a man’s secret lover (side chick)in a relationship reacts to her husband’s daily life.

The video opens up with Bushra Sakshi, the ‘main chick’ in this case pampering her man (Stanley Omondi) with romance while contrasting with Crazy Kennar’s female character who repels every romantic move the husband makes.

A lot is going on on the side chic’s sensual dancing, wine treats, pillow fights, and breakfast in bed.

On his part, Kennar’s main chic character is full of fights, morning arguments, below-the-chin blows, yells, tacky dances, and rough tackles that end on a comic row.

The skit is now the talk of the internet not only in Kenya but across the borders.

This is not the first time the comic crew has gone viral internationally. Early 2021, Nigerian music producer Don Jazzy shared another clip from the team. In the clip, Kennar depicted how rich men vs poor men behave in bed. The video went viral attracting discussion across the globe.

Unlike that video, the recent one has elicited mixed reactions with a section of Americans accusing Kennar of colorism in the video. A back and forth on has had Kenyans on Twitter defending Kennar to against those “who don’t understand his content.