Tales of crazy kennar members

Tales of Crazy Kennar (KENYA) Members, Names, Education & Roles

Long gone are the days when content creators had to rely on traditional forms of media to make a living or make themselves known. Digital media and especially social media has evolved to become one of the most important tools in the world today, especially with the availability of smartphones and the internet. 

Nowadays, most people use social media as a platform to showcase their talents and grow their brands. Among them is the new brand of Kenyan online comedians using the power of the internet to market and sell their content.

One Kenyan comedy group has been constantly putting smiles on our faces and in most instances, leaving most of us in stitches. They are called Tales of Crazy Kennar or simply Kennar. But who are these new kids on the block currently at the core of Kenya’s online comedy? Today, we unravel each one of them in detail.


Photo Courtesy: Crazy Kennar

His real name is Kennedy Odhiambo. With his easily relatable jokes, Kennar has become an internet sensation for many if not all Kenyans. He is currently a third-year student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science.

“I was doing drama before, so entering JKUAT I never found that opportunity. I decided to create my own space. That is how I started creating Tales of Crazy Kennar,” he said in an interview with Radio Presenter Jalango on the #BongaNaJalas show.

He is the lead character of the group featuring in most pieces of their comedy. Kennar is a very humble guy and not talkative as seen in the videos. He says that he started acting while in class three and later on at JKUAT in 2017 after missing out on the JKUAT’s drama club.

Yvonne Khisa

Yvonne Khisa: Instagram

This lady is mostly seen alongside Kennar was his primary school classmate. She is a student at the Kenyatta University pursuing Bachelor of Arts, French.

Stanley Omondi

Photo courtesy: Stanley Omondi and Hon Steven Kalonzo Musyoka

The tall guy most of you are familiar with is also a third-year student of Bachelors of Science in Analytical Chemistry at the same JKUAT. He was Kennar’s high school classmate and the main man behind their breakthrough video of Gengetone Artists in One Class. The video which was posted 1 year ago has managed 1.8 million YouTube views so far.

“Just do it. You didn’t come this far to only get this far,” Omondi said.

Bushra Sakshi
Bushra Sakshi | Photo Courtesy

The light skin lady is not only beautiful but also good at acting. Her voice will make you stick around just to listen to her speak, mostly to Kennar, again and again. She is a student at Moi University, Nairobi Campus, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics.

“You have to discover yourself…” Bushra said as advice to other upcoming content creators.

Useful Idioty

Useful Idioty | Photo Courtesy

His real name is Stephen Otieno. He is a student of Bachelors of Science in Public Health at JKUAT. According to an interview on Jalango TV, he says that his main role in the group is being the lord facial of the group meaning that he goes an extra mile with the facials.

“Creativity has no limit. Don’t focus on something that is here. Angalia mbele a mile away,” he advises others to work hard to achieve their dreams.


Shee | Photo Courtesy

She is a third year student of Bachelors in Aquaculture and Marine Science at JKUAT. She started working with Kennar as a first year according to an interview with Jalas

“You should step out of your comfort zones…you can be anyone you want, you can be anything you want,” Shee said in her closing remarks.