nairobi expressway

How to Use The Nairobi Expressway

The construction of the Nairobi Expressway has entered its last mile as President Uhuru Kenyatta announces that it will be open for public use on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

Most Kenyans have been asking how to start using the much-anticipated road. In this article, we bring you everything you need to know on how to start using the expressway.


Registration is done physically at The Nairobi Expressway Service Center. The office is located at Mombasa Rd at Cabanas (Address: MRMM+86C, A104, Nairobi) 

To register, it will cost you Ksh 300 only. There are two types of registration available; ETC which stands for Electronic Toll Collection & MTC standing for Manual Toll Collection. 

For ETC, you need the car’s logbook plus your ID card while for MTC you will only need your ID card. 

Get Moja Card

Moja Expressway is the company in charge of the expressway and you will need a card from them to start using the toll road. Thereafter, you have to recharge your card with KES. You can do this at the service center or via their website (

Toll Station Entry. 

For ETC users everything is automated and there’s no need for an attendant for service. As for MTC users, you’ll need a toll attendant to serve you and queue if needed.

 Toll Station Exit. 

For MTC users, you’ll have to provide a receipt that was issued at the entry point. Money will be deducted depending on the distance traveled. As for ETC, the exit is as smooth as a swipe.

Additionally, to the advantage of MTC users, one can use their card on different vehicles. This is different with, ETC users as the only car used during registration are allowed.