Ian Njoroge escorted to Jail after being charged

Ian Njoroge Charged With Criminal Offence

A 19-year-old motorist, Ian Njoroge, is seen assaulting a traffic police officer along Kamiti Road, Kasarani in a video that has since gone viral. The short video shows Ian landing blows on the officer on the ground as road users watch. Police said the driver, in a salon car, made a wrong U-turn early Sunday morning. He and a fellow occupant veered off the road and got stuck in a ditch.

A police report says Corporal Jacob arrived at the scene and managed to help them remove the car from the ditch. He ordered them to drive to Kasarani police station. That’s when drama ensued. They parked the car for a few meters and drew a sword from under his seat.

Ian Njoroge Charged With Criminal Offence
Photo of the suspect, Ian Njoroge IMAGE: X

The officer ran for safety before he caught up with him and dealt him heavy blows. Members of the public filmed the incident. The police officer, who hasn’t been identified, was helpless in the assault. He is a known diabetic with a big open wound on his leg.

Ian Njoroge’s Arrest

Njoroge was apprehended in the Jacaranda area, Nairobi, on Sunday evening. The operation was led by the Nairobi area DCI. 

He was put under a brief harsh interrogation by the officers before whisking him away in handcuffs. During the short interrogation from the officers, he revealed the cause of his unlawful actions.

“I was just angry.. We were not understanding each other because he wanted a lot of money which I could not get. “ Ian confessed.

Ian has been brought before Magistrate Ben Mark at the Milimani law courts today where he pleaded not guilty. He is being charged with robbery with violence, causing grievous harm, and resisting arrest.

His lawyers Duncan Okatch and Vincent Lempaa told the court that their client was mishandled and molested at the time of the arrest. He had blood-stained clothes at the time of the presentation.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) wanted the court to detain the suspect for 3 days to allow for statements,  expert reports, filing, and drafting an affidavit. The court granted the prosecution one day to detain Ian at the Industrial Area prison. He will be escorted to Kenyatta National Hospital and in his parent’s company.