Pritty Vishy reveals the lady Ex Stevo cheated with

Stevo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy, has revealed the lady that Stevo cheated on her with, leading to their loud breakup.

Pritty, on several occasions, has decried their break up saying it is because of his ex’s unfaithfulness that they are no longer together.

In a post shared via TUKO media, Pritty is quoted to have mentioned Songstress, Adasa as the woman who flew away with Stevo.

She also denied claims that she said Stivo is not handsome and that that was why they broke up.

“Mimi sikusema Stivo sio mhandsome. Stivo alinicheat na Adasa na nilipata ushahidi kwa simu,” Pritty Vishy has claimed.

“Utaflirt aje kwa simu na wasichana wengine na uko na girlfriend?” Vishy alleged.

The YouTuber and the Freshi Brida hitmaker have constantly dominated the news headlines since their breakup.

Adasa, the lady mentioned by Pritty, has released a song with Stevo, and it performed well. The song titled “Ni Nani” has over 646K views in two months.

Pritty Vishy also emphasized her dowry price, which she insists it still stands at KES 2 million. This, she says is because she is a “Kienyeji” (Indigenous), and kienyeji things are expensive.

“Mimi ni kienyeji ProMax. Kila kitu kienyeji ni expensive, iwe kuku au mboga,” she added.