President Ruto Reverses Muguka Ban
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President Ruto Reverses Muguka Ban

President Ruto Reverses Muguka Ban
Kilifi County Askaris burning the banned stimulant IMAGE: Kilifi County Government

In a closed-door meeting, at State House, Nairobi, President William Ruto held talks with the entire Embu County leadership. The leadership apparatus was led by Governor Cecily Mbarire, the Deputy Governor, the Senator, the Member of Parliament, and all the MCAs. The Cabinet Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock, Mithika Linturi, was also present at the meeting.

The Embu leaders expressed their displeasure on the recent ban on Muguka by some coastal counties. They wanted the President to give leadership on the controversial ban that had led to the loss of livelihoods for the people they represent. 

In a statement dated 27th May 2024, released to local media, the government acknowledged the effect of the recent ban on Muguka in Kilifi, Mombasa, and recently Taita Taveta counties. In the high-level consultations, Ruto reassured them of his support as he reversed the ban issued by the 3 coastal counties.

President Ruto Reverses Muguka Ban

Government Position

– Muguka, a variety of Miraa, is recognized as a scheduled crop under the Crops Act 2013 and the Miraa Regulations 2023.

– Any laws or orders contradicting national legislation on Muguka are null and void.

– Regulations passed by the National Assembly, and Senate and with the concurrence of the Council of Governors, obligate the government to allocate funds for various aspects of Muguka cultivation and trade.

– The regulations call for the establishment of the Miraa/Mügüka Pricing Committee with three members already nominated.

– A Miraa/ Muguka Standard Code of Practice will be implemented to regulate the industry.

– The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock is directed to convene a consultative forum to address concerns and agree on the implementation of the regulations.

– The government commits Ksh 500M in the 2024/25 Financial Year for value addition of crops including Muguka.

– Funds for farming, licensing, promotion, regulation, transportation, aggregation, selling, marketing and export of Muguka will be allocated to farmers.

Mixed Reactions

There were mixed reactions from the public on social media platform X over the statement:


Embu can sell the muguka enmass in RV
The Coast doesn’t want it anymore.
Muguka consumption turns vibrant lives into vegetative states, leaking spermatozoa & severely damaging dental health. 
Ruto cares about taxes and votes only #banmuguka


Mututho, the former anti-drugs boss finished these discussions. It’s a harmful drug that destroys mental faculties. Ibaki embu na sugoi if you think it’s good.


The government should also set aside money for the rehabilitation of the many muguka consumers who have been reduced to zombies . The impact of the muguka/ miraa doesn’t need a microscope to see, every family is feeling it and if not, it’s a matter of time.


Muguka just like EABL pombe, tea, coffee, etc is sold all over the counter.  Coast iwache kiherehere, kama hutumii yakuwasha nini.

The coastal leaders are ” protecting their people” while the Embu leaders are “protecting the farmers”. A consensus is yet to be reached as the matter is still up for debate. More than 10 people have since been arrested since the ban took effect.