Mike Sonko in trouble for calling president Uhuru mlevi

Sonko in trouble for calling President Uhuru ‘mlevi’

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is in trouble for calling president Uhuru Kenyatta a drunkard.

Mike Sonko via a tweet, which he later deleted called the president ‘mlevi’ who should be impeached. He was emphasizing on sentiments from recently retired Chief Justice Maraga that president Uhuru should be impeached for failing to uphold the constitution.

“This mlevi (drunkard) is the right guy to be impeached,” he wrote in his first tweet.

Sonko tweeted again leaving out the ‘mlevi’ words but still insisted that its president Uhuru who deserves to be impeached.

It seems netizens had already screenshotted Sonko’s tweet and they are now urging him to ‘be careful’ and ‘take care’.

Blogger Abraham Mutai shared the first screenshot revealing how Sonko had deleted his first tweet where he mentioned those words.

He was also accusing the former Governor of allegedly being under some form of influence adding that if the president wanted to crush him then it would be in no time.

” If he wants, Uhuru can crash Sonko in a day!” Mutai wrote.

Other netizens responded on the tweet some supporting while others opposed to the sentiments from the blogger.

Some notable reply was from a Twitter user by the name James,

“I do not agree with the insults Sonko is hurling at our President. However, your notion that the President can crush Sonko if he so wishes is also very wrong! The President if he wishes can sue Sonko for deformation but crushing no! Those days are behind us!” James wrote.