Fernandes responds to Klopp on United being awarded penalties

Fernandes responds to Klopp on United being awarded penalties

Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes has hit out at Liverpool’s coach Jurgen Kopp for alleging that United is advantaged by being awarded undeserved penalties.

He has told Jurgen Klopp to continue complaining if he wishes about the number of penalties Manchester United is awarded because he could not care less about the Liverpool manager’s view.

“People can talk and say what they want,” Fernandes said. “But, for me and the team, the main point is continuing to do the right things, and when we get a penalty, just scoring. You always see what people say, but I really don’t care, honestly.”

The Man United talisman also pinpointed the reason behind his team getting penalties.

“We have speedy players up front, “ he stated adding, “Anthony Martial is one of the best players against one in the box. Marcus Rashford is another one who is quick and has quick feet, who can take the ball away from the defender at any moment (leading to a penalty).”

He attributes the speed of the forwards to winning the penalties: “It’s normal that sometimes, because of that, they will be tripped and will fall and they gain penalties.”

The four-time Premier League player of the month further defended himself on taking penalties adding that it’s not easy.

Not easy to take a penalty

“I saw in the news the other day that (Raheem ) Sterling has missed his last three penalties for [Manchester] City. So, it shows it’s not as easy to take a penalty as people say. You have to work on that, you have to be focused, you have to do your job,” he said. “

It’s clear like that. It doesn’t mean Raheem Sterling is not a good penalty-taker because he missed three in a row. It can happen.”

Klopp’s comments followed similar ones from Tottenham’s and former United manager José Mourinho and Chelsea’s Frank Lampard. As United’s penalty taker, Fernandes scored 14 and missed only 1.

Generally, Manchester United have won 42 sport-kicks to Liverpool’s 19 in the last two years.