WhyRaila wont be on ballot in 2022

ODM hints on why Raila might not be on the ballot in 2022

With 2022 just around the corner, most Kenyans expect to see Deputy President William Ruto face off his fierce political rival Raila Odinga. However, this might not be the case according to a recent communication from the National Election Board (NEC).

In an official communication from the party and duly signed by the chair of National Election Board, ODM has advertised for interests in the party’s presidential candidature for 2022.

This indicates that their party leader Raila Odinga is no longer vying for the party seat. They are therefore looking to seal the position and have someone else contest for the position on ODM ticket.

“Pursuant to the resolution of the party’s central committee on the need for early preparation towards 2022 general election and guided by the constitution of Kenya 2010, The Election Act 2011…The National Election Board (NEC) hereby gives notice to party members who are interested in vying for the 2022 presidential election on the ODM party ticket to declare their interest by submitting their application to the NEB,” the notice from the National Election Board read.

Raila Odinga has been heard emphasizing that he has not declared any interest in vying for the country’s top seat and this communication is likely made to put that clear.

However, a city lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi sees it as a hoax to swindle money from Kenyans. He adds that its just a gamble which should be approved by the Betting and Licensing Control Board (BCLB).

“Dr. Fred Matiangi owes Kenyans a duty to tell them whether the KENYA BETTING AND LICENSING CONTROL BOARD has authorised this?” he said. “This is A LOTTERY to raise funds from innocent Kenyans.”