The Ups And Downs of Fred Omondi's Career

The Ups And Downs of Fred Omondi’s Career

He got a nationwide breakthrough when his brother’s career shot while hosting Churchill Show. They hosted the show together and made his brand name in the process. However, his career got a shot in the arm when he exited TV. He parted ways with popular comedy brands that had been part and parcel of his success.

And after that, there were shocking allegations about his abusive behavior, something that ruined his reputation further. The allegations were later revoked when DCI made thorough investigations and his close friend, Maleek, was implicated.

How rumors affected Fred Omondi’s mental health

Mischievous rumors of him being HIV positive and spreading the disease were rampant, this further soiled his image he was now a pale shadow. Many events were canceled after sponsors pulled out. He underwent testing and posted the results publicly but show organisers would hear none of it.

His mental health was severely affected and his public image took a hit. The once-popular comedian was a depressed man. Close friends say that he spent the little money he had left on alcohol and women before he went flat broke.

His cars were no longer seen with him. He moved from leafy Karen suburbs and put up with a friend in South B. He denied many of the allegations but only time would tell. Eric Omondi and his brother were close and he helped him many times.

In 2016, Fred was involved in a horrible road accident that left him with injuries. Speaking to the media, he revealed that the accident had been caused by a lorry that hit his car. He was happy to come out alive and has been involved in various projects until his demise.

Despite his troubled career, Fred Omondi was a celebrated comedian and skit maker who impacted lives. He leaves behind a mourning family and Kenyans have joined in condoling with the family.