Not everyone with a big following is an influencer-Akothee

Marketing companies and digital marketers have a reason to visit Akothee’s Instagram page after the singer presented some insights and lessons on influencer marketing.

Akothee advised corporates and influencers on various aspects of digital marketing. According to her, it’s not about the number of followers but the ability to drive sales. She argues that not everyone on social media with a big following is an influencer.

“This is free advice to all company marketers. Not everyone with a big following is an influencer, there are people with 10,000 followers and can drive sales. There are those with 10 m followers and won’t give any impact on your brand,” she wrote.

On the part of influencers, the singer pointed out the need for them to have some skills and background in marketing. This, she says, is important for them to know what to do with a particular product.

She says that influencing is not all about holding a product or placing the product on the table for the clients.

Influencing is not about pleasing the client

“Influencing is not about pleasing the client. It’s about bridging the gap between the manufacturer and the consumer, introducing the product to the consumers and even making sure the product is perfect for consumption,” she added.

To add on, she also talked briefly about marketing strategies and specifically how to present a product to the audience.

“There are products that need noise and some needs class. Some need a lifestyle for it to make sense. For example, I don’t expect to see a brand ambassador in the toilet holding tomato source. That will be ridiculous, disgusting and ashaming, ” she said “However, seeing an influencer in the toilet holding tissue is more than perfect. It’s doing the right thing at the right time.”

The self-proclaimed Boss Lady added that for a digital marketing campaign to be successful, time has to be factored in. She says that longer duration campaigns are ideal for success. According to her a year or at least 6 months is good enough but three or fewer months is not advisable.

She even went ahead to break down the various activities undertaken by influencers during that time.

“1st month, the influencer is getting acquainted with the product, get to understand how to consume the product, and how to introduce otto the market. 2nd month, introduce the product into the market strategically, merging the three brands, corporate brand ambassador consumer. In the 3rd month, we monitor the product by getting feedback from our consumers,” said Akothee. “Digital marketing is not an instant success within a day.”