Ali Kiba and Diamond Platnumz

Ali Kiba Opens up on Beef With Diamond Platinumz

Bongo star Ali Saleh Kiba commonly known as Ali Kiba has come out clear on his long time beef with fellow Bongo sensational and WCB CEO, Diamond Platinumz.

King Kiba, as mostly referred to by his fans, talked about their rivalry among other things on Jalang’o TV hosted by Radio presenter Jalang’o himself.

When asked if there is a beef between him and Diamond, Ali Kiba openly denied it. He said that there’s nothing between them and that it’s just work and nothing more. 

“There’s no beef. It’s just kazi (work) and mafans (fans) wanapenda hivo (fans love it that way). That’s why I am telling you that there is competition but no beef,” he said.

Ali Kiba and Diamond have been on top of their careers for years now. The comparison of who is who among their fans seems not to be stopping any time soon. Many have wished to have them do a collabo and the Mac Muga hitmaker had something to say on that.

 “If he (Diamond) comes, we’ll work together,” said Ali Kiba.

Mr Nice was not Mac Muga

Talking of Mac Muga, the song that hit airwaves back in the day. In the song, Ali Kiba talks about a guy by the name Mac Muga who went to South Africa and misused his wealth on women and many have always insinuated that he was singing about Mr Nice. However, Ali Kiba denies the claims.

Hamna! Mac Muga yuko kweli. Nilikua nikiongea naye…nikapata idea ila sikujua kama itakua bonge moja la story. Ila haikua namwongelea Mr Nice,” he said.

“…Mungusha Athumani alipofika South Africa, Alikuwa na maisha bomba. Ya juu, ya thamani tena yanayohitajika, Magari na kubwa nyumba…” are some of the lyrics in the song that I am sure most of you can remember but guess what? It was Mr Nice being talked about here!

On his relationship with Mombasa County Governor, Hon. Hassan Joho, Kiba said that they are just good friends. He also took the opportunity to drum up support for the Kenyan politician.

“He (Joho) is like a brother to me. He is a good friend and more than a brother. He believes in me and respects my intelligence. I am not dumb and he understands what type of a person I am,” he said. “As a politician, whom I believe is smart and if Kenyans give him a chance he’ll deliver.”