is crowd 1 a scam or a legitimate business

Crowd 1 Review-Legit or Scam?


  • Crowd1 is an online marketing company that combines crowd marketing and online marketing to create residual income for its members. 
  • It offers members the ability to create and maintain an online network business using different digital marketing platforms eg Mobile marketing. 
  • Its so-called partners or affiliates are gaming/gambling sites Miggster and AffilGo.
  • They have 4 packages of which you can buy any of them that you wish or can afford.
  • Price to join€99 to €2,499 (Ksh. 9900-249900)
  • Do I recommend it? Continue reading…

What is Crowd 1?

You are just browsing on Facebook and then you see this particular ad on Crowd 1. Or maybe a friend introduced you to this awesome business opportunity that promises you real heaven on earth.

You can’t stop thinking about it and in a bid to know more, you found yourself here. Do not worry, I will try as much as I can to give you all the relevant information about Crowd 1.

We hope that you’re going to find this article helpful that you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in Crowd 1.

Crowd1 is a networking company

According to its website, Crowd1 is an online networking and marketing company with intentions of giving members all over the world the unique opportunity to take part in the gig economy, quality education, international networking, and to contribute to achieving better digital equality in the world.

“At Crowd1 we supply Crowd1’s Affiliates with a library of products, apps, websites, and other services from our partners through the usage of crowd marketing,” the website further reads.

These are too many words that can confuse you and so I will try to simplify it for a layman to understand. 

Crowd 1 is a network marketing company that has offers that are simple yet challenging. For varying amounts – the cheapest membership costs approximately Ksh. 12,000 while the most expensive Ksh. 320,000.

The opportunity sounds fancy, right? You’re excited to sign up and earn these millions, but the deal seems too good to be true. Think twice.

On the other side, the company promises rich rewards and says it has over three million members. But beyond the polished surface, lies a suspected pyramid scheme as we will get to learn from this article. Welcome to the story of Crowd1.

On December 3rd, 2019: Crowd1 is under investigation for securities fraud in Norway. 

On February 22nd, 2020: Crowd1 is banned from Namibia and anyone promoting it there risks going to jail and/or being fined.

On April 29th, 2020: Crowd1 is banned in the Philippines and anyone promoting it there can go to jail for 21 years and/or be fined. 

Pyramid scheme or legal MLM?

Crowd1 members can also make money by recruiting new members and these choose to buy their own packages or play on the online casinos Crowd1 collaborates with. 

This kind of business model is called multi-level-marketing (MLM), affiliate marketing, or network marketing, and is used by big companies such as Herbalife and Mary Kay. However, in addition to membership acquisition, these companies offer actual products.

The question of whether Crowd1 company sells products to customers other than its members is important. If a company has a direct sale of a product as its main purpose, it is, in most countries, considered legal MLM. 

If the company’s main business is the recruitment of new members that sends money up the chain, it is considered a pyramid scheme – something that is illegal in most countries including Kenya.

Josefin Aronsson, an administrator at the Swedish Gaming Inspection and an expert on pyramid schemes. She believes that the line between pyramid schemes and legal MLM can be difficult to draw.

“The key issue is how the profits are made, whether it is primarily through the recruitment of new participants or the sale of a product intended for an end customer”, she says to Trijo News.

She also believes that certain pyramid schemes may include the sale of products such as educational packages legitimately or to confuse people.

“In certain arrangements, in addition to the acquisition process, there is also the sale of a product. This can sometimes be called a start-up package, training package or be presented as an investment. 

In such a case, a participant sells training packages to new participants – which is the same as recruiting new participants. Such an arrangement is to be considered as a pyramid scheme”, she says.

Helen Keller once said that Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Ralph Waldo Emerson also said that don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

A legitimate business?

We have a lot of legit testimonies of people who have made fortunes through Crowd 1 marketing. One of them is Risper Opiyo. She is one of the pioneer members of Crowd 1 in Kenya. According to her and I can testify, Crowd 1 has helped her set up various business in the CBD of Nairobi, Kenya. She is now a business owner and a business tycoon as she calls herself.

When I first met Risper “Tycoon” at a Nairobi business training, she was just an ordinary girl still finding her compass in life. But now she has a different story of success.

“We live by taking risks. I took a calculated risk to join crowd1 and I have never regretted my action. Crowd 1 has given me financial freedom that I had always desired for. You can also make it. Just get in touch with me,” she says.

Being the lady I know and trust makes me consider joining the network marketing with the most expensive package. For more inquiries with Risper “Tycoon”, you can reach her via her phone number (+254705659288).

In conclusion, the decision to join or not to lies with you. We have tried our level best to give you every important information. I will continue to update you about Crowd 1 in future.