Nick Njacy message to Safaricom

Nick Njacy Confronts Safaricom Over Message

A guy by the name of Nick Njacy has impressed netizens on Facebook with a message that he penned down to Safaricom over what he termed as a contradicting message from the giant telecommunication.

In a long message on the Safaricom page, Nick decided to present his lamentations in a way that got readers amused.

“Dear Safaricom PLC, I know you are busy and I hope that you are maintaining social Distancing. Your Bundles are observing social Distancing, They can’t even last 1 Hour on my phone. It is painful,” his post read.

Nick Njacy, as known on Facebook is a memer, a blogger, and a product reviewer according to his personal Facebook profile.

Nick Njacy confronts Safaricom
Nick Njacy confronts Safaricom

He was writing to Safaricom about a certain message that subscribers receive about purchasing data. Further, he stated the specific message and urged the Safaricom team to look into it and correct it as urgently as possible.

“The message seems innocent at first, but Proceeds to Contradict itself and I think your Team needs to Urgently Look at it.
Below is the Message: “Congratulations! You can now unlock Free 500MB today. Spend Ksh. 120 only on data to get this offer. Dial *544# and Select Option 0.” His post continued.

Nick took it as a personal responsibility to teach Safaricom some basic grammar when he wrote that according to him, “The message is Grammatically Correct But Logically Incorrect” citing that “You cannot start a message with CONGRATULATIONS… then Follow that with FREE and later Break Our Hurts by telling us to SPEND ksh. 120 ONLY”.

A few lessons for Safaricom

As a good teacher, he went ahead and stated the mistakes in the message as follows:

  1. If something is FREE, money isn’t & Shouldn’t Be Involved.
  2. Only Congratulate someone if they have already Won and they are awaiting delivery.
  3. The part reading “Ksh. 120 ONLY” looks innocent, but it is not. The word “ONLY” creates an innuendo that the aforementioned amount is very small.

The memer and blogger, Nick didn’t stop there as he stated his submission that he claimed was for 30+ million Kenyans as he advised them to change the message to “you can now Unlock 500MB extra data after spending Ksh. 120 of your money on our Data”.

Nick also took the opportunity to send his applications to Safaricom specifically in their English department and urged them to reach him either directly or privately if they needed any further advice.

“If there is a Vacancy in Your English Department, Please consider this as my formal CV. You can engage me directly and privately if you need more advice. If you are a victim of this message, Raise your Hand. Thank You,” Njacy, The Don summed up his post.