Raila warns DP William Ruto over premature campaigns.

Raila Warns DP Ruto Over Early Campaigns

ODM leader Raila Odinga has sent a stern warning against early 2022 presidential campaigns that he says are responsible for the violence witnessed yesterday at Kenol, Murang’a County.

This comes after two people lost lives and several others were injured after chaos erupted following DP Ruto and allies early visit to the area for a church service.

The Deputy President and his team from Tangatanga were met with chaos that according to most of them, were caused by the Kieleweke team in the area who didn’t want DP to hold any rally in the constituency.

In the event, two people lost their lives and several others were injured following the commotion.

Two were killed in the chaos

Leaders from various political sides have come to strongly condemn the act and among them was former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga.

He has attributed the chaos and the deaths of the said people to the early presidential campaigns allegedly being witnessed across the country.

“This spectre of violence and vandalism in the name of a presidential election that is over two years away should be a serious cause for concern to all peace-loving Kenyans,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

He further alluded that if this (campaigns) continues, the country will stagnate in development and the government will not be able to achieve its mandate to work for Kenyans in the remaining years.

“Out of fear and anxiety, our citizens will shift their priorities from rebuilding the country to an election that is way far. Furthermore, the seeds of violence being planted now could easily follow us into that election, with grave consequences,” His post continued.

Stop early campaigns, work for Kenyans

Mr. Odinga has urged politicians to stop the early campaigns and work for Kenyans until the right time for campaigns which are two years away approaches. He also asked Kenyans, in general, to denounce and stop politics of violence and using the youth inappropriately to achieve power.

“Let us stop the early election campaigns. Let’s renounce the politics of violence and militarization of our youth as a means of achieving power. We must regard such politics as outdated and out of tune with our current aspirations to move past our divided and bitter past as a nation in favour of politics of engagement rather than confrontation,” the post further stated.

He now wants the responsible government agencies to move with speed and deal with the perpetrators of the violence to each others with the same intentions a lesson.

“I want to appeal to fellow leaders to acknowledge that systemic violence has plagued our country for far too long and we all need to commit to working together to confront and end it,” Mr. Odinga post added.