Ledama Ole Kina questions Uhuru's reopening of schools

We Must Change Constitution to Bring Back Sonko-Sen Ledama

Narok senator Hon Ledama Ole Kina says the constitution must be changed to bring back Governor Mike Sonko.

The Nairobi Governor was impeached following a vote by the senators to uphold the impeachment motion against him.

They voted on 11 charges related to gross violation of the constitution, abuse of office, gross misconduct and crimes under national law against the now former governor.

On gross violation of the constitution, 27 senators voted YES while 16 voted NO. In the second charges on abuse of office, again 27 voted YES while 16 voted NO. On the third charge of gross misconduct, 27 lawmakers voted YES while 16 voted NO. And, in the fourth charge of crimes under national law, 27 voted YES while 16 NO approving the impeachment.

Senator Ledama, through his official Twitter handle, wrote that he is much worried about democracy in Kenya following the controversial impeachment of the governor.

“The more I think of @MikeSonko impeachment the more I worry about democracy in Kenya!” he tweeted.

The senator thinks that it’s unrealistic for a leader elected by close to a million people to impeached by 27 senators, adding that changing the constitution will bring the governor back.

Sonko will be back!

“How can a leader elected by 871, 794 Kenyans be impeached by 27 Senators? No no no we must change the constitution! Sonko will be back!” the tweet further read.

Mike Sonko impeahed
Mike Sonko | Photo Courtesy

On the contrary, City lawyer, Donald B. Kipkorir had a different opinion as he replied to Ole Kina’s message. He said that there was no better democracy than the impeachment of presidents, judges and governors.

“Bro, without stating my opinion on the impeachment of Mike Sonko; 5 Judges nullify election of a President, one Judge that of a Governor, one Magistrate that of an MCA … Impeachment of Presidents, Judges & Governors is the cornerstone of democracy … You can’t upend Democracy.” Lawyer kipkorir wrote.

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi also replied stating that governor Sonko was unqualified to be the Nairobi governor in the first place and that he was “drowning in the sound and fury of his incompetence”