Donald Kipkorir

Lawyer reveals how DP Ruto tribally shared cabinet positions

City lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir reveals how Deputy President William Ruto prejudicially shared his cabinet positions.

In a statement on Twitter Kipkorir wrote that William Ruto gave 95% of his cabinet positions to Kalenjins alone. He says that during the last two terms, President Uhuru and his deputy equally shared their cabinet positions of 10 slots each, but the DP only considered his tribesmen.

“Between 2013 & 2017, Uhuru Kenyatta & William Ruto shared appointments 50:50 in the Cabinet. Principal Secretaries, Diplomatic Corps & State Corporations … You are being told leadership isn’t tribal but 95% appointments by DP were Kalenjin!” he wrote.

Another lawyer, Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba replied giving clear figures of how DP distributed his slots. He says that DP had 10 slots and out of them he gave 8 to his Kalenjin men and women.

Lawyer Kipkorir sentiments come as a series of reactions to president Uhuru’s earlier remarks on the need for a rotational presidency in Kenya. During the burial ceremony of Mama Hannah Mudavadi, the president said that its time a president comes from other tribes apart from the usual Kikuyus and Kalenjins.


He was also reacting to a statement by some Tangatanga fellows who claimed to be fed up with ruling from the Kenyatta family.

We will not thread the tribal lane

Ndindi Nyoro, MP Kiharu constituency wrote on his Facebook page discrediting the rotational president thing, saying they “will not thread the tribal lane.”

“So, because H.E Jomo Kenyatta and President Uhuru Kenyatta have been President no Kikuyu should ever think of being President? So because Daniel Moi has been President no Kelenjin should be President in the near future?” he asked.

Other leaders to have reacted to the president remarks is former Kakamega senator Dr. Boni Khalwale. Khalwale accused the president of playing mind games with the Luhya community. He further asked the Luhya people not to be excited with president Uhuru’s remarks saying the statement was not something new.

“The starting point is where Kijana Wamalwa left us. Namely being stakeholders in the winning team. Never trust Uhuru. Once again he is playing mind games and can only say that while in western and not his home,” Dr. Boni Khalwale wrote on his Facebook page.