Eric Omondi warns Khaligraph Willy Paul and Bahati

Comedy is Officially Taking Over, Eric Omondi Warns Kenyan Musicians

Comedian Eric Omondi has sent a warning to Kenyan musicians telling them to prepare for a take over from the Kenyan comedy industry.

Eric Omondi said this in reference to his latest YouTube video that has been trending at number one for more than five days now. He says that it’s their time as comedians to lead as musicians follow.

“Warning to all musicians! We (comedy) are officially taking the steering wheel. We are now in control,” he wrote on his Instagram stories.

The self-proclaimed King of African comedy adds that this will be the trend henceforth and musicians should be prepared.

He also singled out some Kenyan top musicians to demonstrate his point. Among them was top gospel artist Bahati, Ringtone, rapper Khaligraph Jones and Willy Paul.

He said that Bahati had been struggling at number two trying so hard to topple him off without success. “Naona Bahati aki stragoo hapo chini…but nampiga tu mangoto,” he wrote.

To Khaligraph Jones, Eric said that the OG had nothing on him apart from “mdomo mingi tu”.

“Sauti Sol ni kama walioa wote. Willy Paul Msafi nitafute niku advise bro. Ringtone ni chokora mang’aa, msanii chapashtua, poko chairman wa malaya wote Kenya,” his post read.

The Wife Material Show starring further called on fellow comedians to rise up and take over the industry, adding that it’s their time to “run the city.”