Comedian Butita among Ruto's Delegation to the USA

Comedian Butita among Ruto’s Delegation to the USA

Comedian Butita among Ruto's Delegation to the USA
Butita shaking hands with renowned Hollywood comedian & host Steve Harvey. Looking on is President Willam Ruto.

Ruto is out of the country for a 3-day state visit to the United States of America. It was scheduled for May 21st to May 23rd. President Ruto aims to deepen economic and security cooperation between the two countries, as well as launch a long-stalled police deployment to Haiti.

During his stay there, Ruto visited Tyler Perry’s Sh33 Billion studio in Atlanta. He will be joined by other Hollywood stars among our very own Eddie Butita who was part of the President’s delegation. The state tour also included the First Lady Rachel Ruto among other government dignitaries. Tyler Perry Studios (TPS), founded in 2006, is an American film production house based in Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the biggest film studios in the United States and is privately owned by actor cum filmmaker Tyler Perry.

“The fact that I’m part of the Head of States delegation, is a clear sign and we are happy that the creative industry is part of the conversations we are going to have during this trip.” Butita wrote.

Comedian Butita among Ruto's Delegation to the USA
Eddie Butita with the cast of Nurse Toto, a local comedy program.

Butita Reveals Their Conversation With Steve Harvey

“We had great conversations on how to equip and train talents for business success in showbiz. I’m happy our creatives are factored in these conversations,” he said.

He expressed joy and thanked the President for the opportunity.

“I’m leaving for the USA today. Thank you, His Excellency President William Samoei Ruto, for choosing me to accompany you to the United States Of America state visit hosted by the USA President, His Excellency President Joe Biden,” he said in a statement. 

The first time Butita interacted with the President was in March when he was invited to the State House. The President was meeting with the Facebook Management Team on monetization.

Butita said,” Last year Mr President you mentioned that I earn more than your salary, I think this year you will overtake me because you have a Facebook page, all you need to do is monetize it.”

The joke bore fruit as Facebook is set to roll out its content monetization program next month after holding a brief with the government.

The head of state has always declared his intentions for Kenya’s creative industry through investment. It’s on record that he has agreements with content distributor companies like Meta, Google, and TikTok. This is to help talented youths commercialize and monetize their content online.

His fellow celebrities were well in time to congratulate him on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and achievement.