Butita Reveals Their Conversation With Steve Harvey

Butita Reveals Their Conversation With Steve Harvey

Eddie Butita was a happy man after meeting his all-time idol, Steve Harvey. During his 4-day US tour, he joined President William Ruto on an official state visit to the country.

The comedian is known for his sharp wit, humor, and versatility and this tour adds to yet his decorated resume as an accomplished actor, TV host, and scriptwriter. 

Butita Reveals Their Conversation With Steve Harvey

Among the many prominent people that Butita met in the US, he has singled out Steve Harvey as someone whom he has looked up to for more than 14 years.

In a statement via his Twitter page, Butita has revealed what Steve Harvey told him. 

“I saw you on YouTube,” were the words from the American TV host and producer. 

The A Nurse Toto script writer was all smiles and appreciated President William Ruto for making that possible. According to him, meeting Steve Harvey was a 14-year dream that had come to pass.

He reveals that the two, Butita and Harvey, had great conversations surrounding training and equipping talents for business success.

“We had great conversations on how to equip and train talents for business success in Showbiz and I am happy our creatives are factored in these conversations.

Butita’s Rise to Fame

Butita rose to prominence through his appearances on the Kenyan Churchill Show, where he showcased his talent for stand-up comedy. His knack for observational humor, often drawn from everyday situations and societal issues to craft his jokes makes him a people’s favorite.

Apart from his work on Churchill Show, Butita has ventured into acting and scriptwriting appearing in various local and international TV shows and films. His comedic timing and charisma have earned him a dedicated fanbase both within Kenya and beyond as well as a lucrative deal with American giant streaming platform, Netflix. 

He is also an accomplished businessman having founded several businesses in the country. Among his notable businesses is Stage Presence Media commonly known as SPM Buzz. This is an online media that specializes in digital news. SMP Buzz is currently doing well and it shows Butita’s business prowess.

Steve Harvey’s confession of seeing Butita on YouTube emphasizes the impact of digitization and the internet on our daily lives. First, you never know who is watching what you do, and secondly, what you do impacts who you become.