Dave Chapelle performing in Nairobi Kenya

Dave Chapelle Show in Kenya Sold Out in 2 Hours

One of America’s finest stand-up comedians and actors, Dave Chappelle, is set to perform in Nairobi this Wednesday. The news of his coming caught many by surprise. Social media today is awash with the news, hilarious memes, photos, and punchlines surrounding the controversial comic.

The hard-hitting funny man will be live at the Louis Leakey Auditorium on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, from 8 PM. Fans should be convened at the venue by 7 PM. 

Punchline Comedy Kenya is the team behind the gig. Tickets are going for Ksh 7,000, but word out is that they were already sold out. The sought-after tickets were sold out 2 hours after the announcement.

No Phones Please

Dave Chapelle is widely known for his sharp social commentary. He touches on race, politics, societal norms, and religion. He is also known for his no-phone policy, and the Nairobi concert experience will be no different. All phones and smart watches will be secured in Yondr pouches on arrival. They will be unlocked at the end of the show, or if needed, at designated Yondr unlocking stations.

The much-awaited concert will also feature performances by several, yet to be unveiled, Kenyan acts.

Dave Chapelle Show in Kenya Sold Out in 2 Hours
Dave Chapelle Netflix Specials  IMAGE: FB

Many Kenyans came out with mixed reactions. Others speculated that ticket hoarders would double the ticket prices to cash in last-minute die-hards. Others think it’s probably a hoax to give the impression that the event is a big deal. Either way, the marketing gimmick seemed to have paid off. There are no details of how much he was paid for the gig.

Fun Facts About Dave Chapelle

  • He walked away from a $50 million Comedy Central deal where he once hosted Chapelle’s Show. The backstory is that he had made them $500 million and his 50%, according to his contract, was $250 million. They claimed he made too much money.
  • He signed a USD 60million Netflix specials deal in 2016
  • He has won several Grammys for his comedy
  • He once fought a fan on stage
  • He relocated to South Africa briefly after his father’s death
Dave Chapelle Show in Kenya Sold Out in 2 Hours

A picture of Dave at the airport gave Nairobi doubting Thomases a sigh of relief.