How to Become a Coca-Cola Distributor in Kenya

How to Become a Coca-Cola Distributor in Kenya

Coca-Cola first opened its doors in Kenya in 1948. It has dominated the soft drink market in the country since then. This has inspired many entrepreneurs to join the quest for distributorship for its products. It has proved to be a profitable and worthy venture provided you meet the set requirements by the American beverage company. 

1. Capital

To be a Coca-Cola distributor, you must be able to raise a startup capital of between Kshs 3 and 5 Million. You should also be able to obtain a bank guarantee of Kshs 2 Million.

2. Storage

This is an important aspect of any distribution business. You will need a place that is secure and big enough to store your products after buying them to make the distribution process easier. A warehouse facility of at least 2, 000 Square feet of storage is required.

3. Target Market

Where are you going to be distributing the products? It is essential to state where your market interest lies.

4. Commit to The Coca-Cola Code of Business Ethics

Several business ethics that must be adhered to are listed on the Coca-Cola website which falls under the Nairobi Bottlers Limited. They include:

  • Protect the environment. Conducting business in ways that protect and preserve the environment. 
  • Child labor. The supplier will comply with all applicable local and national child labor laws.
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace. Maintain a productive workplace by minimizing the risk of accidents, injury, and exposure to health risks. 
  • Forced labor. Suppliers will not use forced, bonded, prison, military, or compulsory labor. 
  • Abuse of labor. The supplier will comply with all applicable local and national laws on the abuse of employees and will not physically abuse employees.
  • Demonstration of compliance. A supplier must demonstrate compliance with the supplier Guiding principles at the request and satisfaction of The Coca-Cola Company.
  • Work hours and wages. Compensate employees relative to the industry and local labor market. Operate in full compliance with applicable wage, work hours, overtime, and benefits laws, and offer employees opportunities to develop their skills and capabilities and provide advancement opportunities where possible.
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining. Supplier will comply with all applicable local and national laws on freedom of association and collective bargaining. 

Other requirements are:

– You must be able to demonstrate strong sales/ general business expertise with a proven track record

– Be passionate about high performance and growth.

– Be a dedicated and committed entrepreneur for the foreseeable future on a full-time basis. 

– You must provide copies of the certificate of incorporation, memorandum, relevant details of the application, and KRA pin certificate.

– Be able to have distribution vehicles with adequate carrying capacity to transport the products from one point to another. 

– You should write an application letter with all the required documents as follows:

Applications should include:

a. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, memorandum, and Articles of the Applicant

b. PIN Certificate

c. State the working capital and level of bank guarantee available

d. Market of interest

Applications should be sealed and addressed to:

Country Sales and Marketing Manager

Nairobi Bottlers Limited

P.O. Box 18034-00500,

Nairobi, Kenya.