Goons-For-Hire Demand Full Payment From Masters After Protests

According to a local trusted media, six politicians, a businessman, and two NGOs are on the radar of national security agencies following suspicion of their involvement in fueling ongoing anti-government protests. This is after a group of irate youth accused their “masters” of abandoning them after a “job well done.”

A group of hooligans, who concealed their identities, claim they were hired by some politicians to derail the peaceful protests. The men did not mention them directly but said they would expose them should they fail to comply with their earlier promises of hefty pay. According to them, they were supplied with crude weapons and only upfront payment. They expressed their frustrations as the sponsors ignored their calls and failed to fulfill the plan.

The finance bill protests that have lasted two weeks, were largely peaceful and organised. However, the recent protests have seen a rise in acts of lawlessness – pelting stones, buildings on fire, robbery with violence, and general vandalism. This sparked a wave of suspicion that the initial cause could have been hijacked by merchants of chaos to cast a bad light on Gen Zs real calls for justice and reforms.

A video of them demanding their “balance”, surfaced online, after the #OccupyEverywhere protests on Tuesday. The men, appear to have decided to air out their grievances deep in the night.

Meanwhile, the DCI is looking for suspects who were photographed looting and committing vandalism during the protests. In a tweet, they listed the faces and names of the suspects and asked them to report to their offices to issue statements. Meanwhile, 185 protesters who were arrested during protests in Nairobi were released on a personal bond of KSh 50, 000.

Goons-for-hire wanted by DCI

“The Individuals whose images/photos appear below are wanted by the police for their unlawful activities during the anti-finance bill 2024 demonstrations. We therefore advise them to report to the nearest police station for further police action.

Information on the whereabouts of any of the suspects may be channeled confidentially to the anonymous  #FichuakwaDCI Hotline number 0800722203 or the police hotline 999, 911,112.”

“We were asked to arrive at the renowned Nairobi building very early in the morning. Of the 50 of us were all given batons. We accepted and destroyed businesses as requested. Right now, you are not picking up our calls. Why are you doing this to us? Whatever you gave us in the morning was a down payment. You will have to pay us! We do not want jokes,” they said.

Social media called the rogue youth out, condemned the acts, and called upon law enforcement officers to arrest them. There have been more calls to the effect of stopping the protests until a better avenue is found. President William Ruto has asked to meet the Gen Zs on X spaces to discuss the issues affecting them but they plan to hold a parallel space to counter the President. We are yet to see the unfoldings as the once peaceful protests take another direction altogether.