Resign or we Impeach You-ANC Party Tells Ruto

Resign or we Impeach You-ANC Party Tells Ruto

Amani National Congress (ANC) has asked Deputy President William Ruto to resign or impeach him.

In a press conference held at the party headquarters, ANC deputy party leader Ayub Savula led other leaders in sending the message to William Ruto.

They accused the DP of lying to Kenyans as well as sabotaging the President’s Big 4 agenda and other governmental projects.

“You need no more evidence than Ruto publicly ridiculing the President. That Uhuru is misled into BBI, abandoning Jubilee’s development agenda. He says this without batting an eyelid knowing both BBI and Big Four Agenda are government projects he fully participated in formulating,” a post on their Facebook page reads.

Mr. William Ruto is also accused of incitement of the poor and allegedly calling the president a “tribalist”.

According to the report, that is against the oath taken by the DP and is punishable. They have therefore taken a step to impeach him.

“We have taken the lead in preparing a motion of impeachment, to protect Kenya against violent implosion being clandestinely fermented by Ruto, a rich and powerful man in government pretending to be poor,” the report further reads.

They say the impeachment motion will be on the basis of the DP’s ambition to ‘compete with priorities set by the government he serves in. That he is a danger to the stability of the nation by covertly dissenting and sabotaging the President’s government agenda.’

Herman Goring

Ayub Savula and his group also likened Mr. Ruto to Herman Goring, a political and military leader and a convicted war criminal.

“If the President is a tribalist, we dare ask, what be his deputy, Hermann Goring to Hitler? For the record, Hermann Göring was the primary architect of the Nazi police state in Germany. The German – Third Reich – state was fashioned on racial purity. Ruto of all people cannot run away from acts of tribalism, ethnic engineering, and purity,” the report reads.

In the report, it’s further revealed of the reason behind the antagonistic relationship between the president and his deputy.

“Ruto is not against the President due to differences in policy projection. NO. Ruto is mad because, after the 2017 elections, the President denied him the luxury of nominating tribal cronies to lucrative positions in government to process corruption that was rampant in the first term of the UhuRuto government,” the legislators wrote.

According to ANC, “it is unacceptable for Ruto to sabotage the very government that he is a part of from within, undermining public confidence in government, creating public disaffection and inciting rebellion while at the top echelons of government,” and they must, therefore “get rid of this resident agent provocateur, the mole in government,” the report said.