Elsa Majimbo biography

Just Who Is Elsa Majimbo?

Elsa Majimbo, 23, is a Kenyan content creator who got her breakthrough while based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The internet sensation is currently a model popular and has made appearances in Hollywood with big stars among them Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, and Steve Harvey.

She left Kenya at the age of 19, a move she says was inspired by the persistent issue of colorism. In her funny TikTok videos, she one time mimicked the hurtful comments she faced growing up. Many of her peers considered her skin too dark or her face too ugly, something that led to a major shift in her.

Where it All Began

She went viral during the pandemic with her twisted short comic skits on emerging trends coupled with a burst of annoying satirical laughter. She built a large following on social media by posting quarantine parodies of a lazy 21-year-old. In each episode, she was crunching potato chips while spotting a pair of retro sunglasses, which became her signature.

The newfound fame post-COVID led her to drop out of school and pursue comedy full-time.

Elsa Majimbo Fall Out With Naomi Campbell

In a lengthy video, that she later took down, Elsa detailed how her fall out with the British runway queen, Naomi Campbell, started. The two were seemingly close for a long while before they parted ways publicly. Elsa met Naomi when she was in Nairobi. The comedienne and her brother were invited by the supermodel for some travel and shopping adventures. During the vacation in Malindi, where Campbell owns a villa, Naomi proposed to do a documentary of her with Elsa in Kenya.

Just Who Is Elsa Majimbo?
Elsa Majimbo and Naomi Campbell on the African Mirror/Photo Courtesy

Things went south when Naomi accused Elsa, behind her back, of going rogue on her film and doing another documentary on the side. Elsa confirmed that she already had a documentary about her in the works and that it was to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Naomi threatened Majimbo with legal action when she got wind of it, for exclusive rights of the film.

The strained relationship drove her into depression. Even after making things right with Naomi,  she ceased communication entirely, because she felt controlled by the narrative.

Her Hollywood Debut

People instantly fell in love with her dark and witty sense of humor.  Within her debut year, she was already covered in The Guardian, appeared on Comedy Central, won a People’s Choice Award, and appeared on Steve Harvey’s TV show where she discussed her upbringing, being young, African, and famous, and her dreams for the future.

She has since then become an ambassador for many luxury brands like MAC Cosmetics and Fenty, flaunting the brand’s sunglasses. Her other partnerships include Valentino, Beats By Dre, and Bumble which won an E! People’s Choice Award and YouTube Streamy. Majimbo was ranked No. 49 on the inaugural Forbes Top Creators List in 2022.

The 23-year-old is recently battling claims of changing her lifestyle after the sudden fame and money. She asserts that her circumstances transformed, and it was obvious that she would change but her humility remains intact.

She lost over 200, 000 followers over the claims but she remains steadfast in her quest to continue evolving. The comedian’s content nowadays revolves around her financial success, fashion choices, navigating fame, and motivating other young people to follow their dreams despite the naysayers.