Coster Ojwang: The Music Whisperer

Meet Coster Ojwang: The Music Whisperer

From the shores of Lake Victoria, came a young, passionate, and vibrant artist in the name of Coster Ojwang. He was raised in Migori County but is now based in Nairobi. His childhood was filled with misfortunes and engulfed by art and fun activities in school. This would influence his future, creative path, and decision to relocate to Nairobi. 

Coster’s immense gift and talent is undeniable. He is not your average artist. He is a singer and renowned visual impressionist (painter) whose works have found a way to 5-star hotel exhibitions. The multi-talented artist finds inspiration from nature and is also influenced by the urban life of hustling and bustling.

Meet Coster Ojwang: The Music Whisperer

He started music, to express himself, to put to words that which he could not put in paint and brush. His folk fusion sound is inspired by his humble upbringing in the village, his spiritual manifestations, and his life experiences. It is very soulful with a lot of positive vibrations. 

His discography has 2 Albums: “Tales of the Fisherman” in 2021 and “Fweny” to mean Revelations in 2022. His other singles include Hera, Delilah, and Manyo Pesa. Other artists to have featured him include Okello Max, Watendawili, and Bensoul.

He has performed in places like Blankets and Wine Festival, Folkfusion Festival, The Alchemist, and Geco Cafe. He is currently on high rotation in playlists as fans can’t get enough of his authentic traditional African vibe.

“In most cases, art is anything you can get away with. However, good arr should always evoke a feeling or challenge a status quo.”  Coster Ojwang speaking to Nation

Fun Facts on Coster Ojwang: The Music Whisperer

  • He was raised by her grandmother who was a medicine woman. He is hence proud of his African roots.
  • He studied art at Mwangaza Art School in Kisumu in 2013 and immediately moved to Nairobi after graduating in 2015.
  • He blends in Luo, Luhya, English, and Swahili to form a unique delivery of lyrics.
  • Ojwang’s art has been exhibited in the National Museum of Kenya, Golbourn, Australia, the St.Francis Gallery, MA, USA, and the Netherlands.
  • Coster’s music career only kickstarted in 2021 with his debut album ‘Tales of the Fisherman’.
Meet Coster Ojwang: The Music Whisperer
Coster Ojwang IMAGE: Spotify

Coster Ojwang is the definition of a forever artist. Well-balanced, visionary, and with a touch of madness. You can always count on him to curate and maintain a vibe.

His works can be found on his website, YouTube, and all streaming platforms.