Ruto Incited Kikuyus Against Uhuru, Mutahi Ngunyi Says

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has alleged that the Deputy President William Ruto incited Kikuyus against President Uhuru Kenyatta to push for his 2022 presidential ambition.

Through his Twitter handle, Mutahi accused the DP of poisoning the GEMA community and causing rebellion against the president in his own backyard.

“William Ruto incited Kikuyus against Uhuru Kenyatta. The GEMA rebellion and Kikuyu poison against Uhuru Kenyatta were all produced by Ruto systematically,” he wrote.

The analyst further claimed that the “ground truth” was different as he advised the DP and his supporters. He said that it’s either William Ruto is the one cheating Kikuyus or Kikuyus were cheating him.

Who is cheating who?

“But here is the ground truth: Either Ruto is cheating the Kikuyus or the Kikuyus are cheating Ruto. And I am a Kikuyu,” his tweet further read.

Earlier, Mutahi had written on how he thought was the perfect way to weaken DP’s following in Central. He said that “the best way to destroy William Ruto is to take KIKUYUS away from him.”


“Without Kikuyus, there is no Ruto,” he wrote.

Mutahi Ngunyi also wrote that William Ruto is ” walking on feet of clay and that a mild afternoon shower in GEMA will melt his feet of clay.”

In response, a Twitter user by the name Sylvia Wangeci replied saying that “Kikuyus are not anyone’s property to be ‘TAKEN’ away from anyone.”

“We are not Luos to be used for barter trade,” she wrote.

In another reply, Benjamin Franklin had something for Mutahi. According to him, William Ruto would have himself to blame either way if he chooses a running mate outside or within Mt Kenya. He was basically indicating that DP will have to very careful when it comes to choosing his second in command come 2022.

“The rubber will meet the road when the DP will have to choose a running mate. He is doomed if chooses one outside Mt Kenya, and doomed if he chooses one from within Mt Kenya,” Franklin commented.