The Future of Creative And Digital Economy in Kenya

The Future of Creative And Digital Economy in Kenya

Creation of jobs and not employment is the only lasting solution to unemployment in Kenya. I understand this is not easy due to the many challenges associated with starting and or running anything in Kenya. However, we just have to engage in the right talk with the right people.

In relation, the government, NGOs, and private sector is focusing on the 4 areas of the economy; green, blue, creative, and digital. I will talk about two; creative and digital.

The creative economy simply involves the talent-based industry; Writers, artists, etc. This is an area that has a lot of potentials to create millions of jobs in this country. I understand a lot has to be done to realize benefits in this sector. For example, talent acquisition, nurturing, and funding. I have seen good talents go to waste due to a lack of mentorship and guidance. The government and any other relevant bodies have a role of setting up talent mentorship areas for this purpose.

The digital economy. The world has gone digital and so, everyone should. They say if it’s not online, then it never happened. The digital economy comes with infinite employment opportunities. If you look at other countries, for example, India, the internet is a source of income for almost everyone. Go on YouTube today and type in anything 70% of the search results will be from Indians.

The question is, How Are You Using the Internet to Your Benefit? The truth is that millions are making fortunes through the internet.

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The government, NGOs, private sectors and financial institutions have mechanisms put in place to help you. I know most of us don’t trust our government for many reasons but with this, you have other options. The banking sector eg SBM Bank has a lot of funding options for SMEs. FYI they even have unsecured loans just for you. How good is that?

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Lack of information is the number two problem with the Kenyan youth. Ignorance is obviously number one. We are ignorant of the opportunities around us, I included. A lot is available to our benefit but we don’t see it because we are blinded by Looking For White Colar Employment. It’s time we changed for the better!