Top 9 most followed Twitter accounts

Top 9 most followed Twitter accounts

We live in a very fast-growing world nowadays and people don’t fancy spending a lot of time reading blogs or full-length news articles. Thus, the birth of microblogging sites like Twitter that allows people to share their thoughts or information in 280 characters or less.

With more than 330 million users, getting your message across is easy and fast. This is a growing number and monthly, we have more than 67 million actively using Twitter.

It is, therefore, a hard task to gauge the most followed Twitter out of everyone. Still, we managed to compile a list of the top 9 most followed Twitter accounts, as follows;

9. Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is the current prime minister of India since 2014. He joined Twitter in January and has since garnered a whopping 77.8 million followers.

8. Elon Musk

He is the largest X shareholder right now having acquired 9.1% shares of the company. The tech guru joined Twitter in June 2009 and has amassed 81.4 million followers in that period. 

7. Lady Gaga

The sensational songstress joined the bird app in March 2008 and in the long run, has 84.5 million followers on her name.

6. Taylor Swift

She follows no one on Twitter but is followed by millions. Let me confirm how many. 90.3 million followers on her name. She must be special and obviously worth every following. She joined the app in December 2008.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

How many followers does Cristiano Ronaldo have on Twitter? 98.9 million. In the next few days, he’ll hit a triple-figure just like his international goal record. The Manchester United star joined Twitter in June 2010 and went ahead scoring not only goals for Real Madrid but also gaining followers across all his social media handles.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 02: Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United in action during the Premier League match between Manchester United and Everton at Old Trafford on October 02, 2021, in Manchester, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

4. Rihanna

Where have you been Rihanna? I know most of you have been asking the question. She would never miss this list. A beauty with brains and followers too. The Diamonds hitmaker joined Twitter in October 2009 and has managed 106 million followers.

3. Katy Perry

I have just confirmed her timeline. She is at 108.8 million followers having joined in February 2009. Katy Love and Light Perry are fans’ favorite not only in music but also on Twitter.

2. Justin Bieber

Who would have expected him to miss on the list? Not me of course. Justin Bieber is one of the most followed people on social media and Twitter is one of them. This little king has numbers all over. In music, bank accounts, and here on Twitter. He joined in March 2009 and is at 114.3 million followers as I write this.

1. Barack Obama

Yes, we can, be the most followed person on Twitter. The former President of the United States is the most followed person on Twitter. I hope you are not surprised. A true icon and an inspiration to the generations alive those to come have only 131.5 million followers. In another record, he joined the app in March 2007 before McCain imagined he would lose to him.

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