All Common Paybill Numbers in Kenya

All Common Paybill Numbers in Kenya

Paybill numbers have revolutionized everyday transactions, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of financial interactions. These unique identifiers, allotted to businesses by mobile network operators, empower customers to execute payments effortlessly via their mobile phones. Whether settling bills, contributing to causes, or procuring goods and services, Paybill numbers offer a secure and convenient conduit for financial transactions.

Understanding Paybill Numbers

At the core of this system are Paybill numbers, distinctive markers assigned to businesses, organizations, and service providers. Acting as virtual accounts, they facilitate direct money transfers from customers’ mobile wallets, such as M-PESA, to designated business accounts. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Dial the USSD Code: Customers initiate the transaction by dialing the pertinent USSD code on their mobile device, varying according to the mobile network operator (e.g., Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom).
  2. Select “Lipa Na M-PESA”: Upon dialing the USSD code, customers navigate the menu to select the “Lipa Na M-PESA” option.
  3. Choose “Paybill”: Subsequently, customers opt for the “Paybill” feature from the menu.
  4. Enter the Paybill Number (Business Number): Customers input the specific Paybill number corresponding to the intended business or organization.
  5. Enter Account Number: Depending on the transaction requirements, customers may input a phone number or account number.
  6. Specify the Amount: Customers specify the amount they intend to pay.
  7. Enter M-PESA PIN: To authenticate the transaction, customers enter their M-PESA PIN.
  8. Confirm the Transaction: After verifying that all details are accurate, customers confirm the transaction, receiving a confirmation message from M-PESA.

Popular Paybill Numbers in Kenya

A plethora of businesses and organizations in Kenya leverage Paybill numbers for diverse purposes. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

Safaricom Paybill Numbers

  1. M-PESA Paybill Number: 174379
  2. KPLC (Kenya Power) Paybill Number: 888888
  3. Nairobi Water Paybill Number: 444400
  4. Startimes Paybill Number: 585858

Airtel Paybill Numbers

  1. KPLC (Kenya Power) Paybill Number: 888888
  2. NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund) Paybill Number: 200222
  3. Zuku Paybill Number: 320320

Telkom Paybill Numbers

  1. KPLC (Kenya Power) Paybill Number: 888888
  2. Nairobi Water Paybill Number: 444400

Bank Paybill Numbers

Kenyan banks have seamlessly integrated the M-Pesa Paybill Number method into their operations, facilitating convenient transactions for their clientele. To deposit money into a bank account via M-Pesa, customers utilize their respective bank’s M-Pesa Paybill Number. Here are some notable bank Paybill numbers:

  1. Equity Bank: 247247
  2. KCB Bank: 522522
  3. National Bank: 547700
  4. Co-operative Bank: 400200
  5. Absa Bank: 303030
  6. Sidian Bank: 111999
  7. Chase Bank: 552800
  8. Family Bank: 222111
  9. Stanbic Bank: 600100
  10. Ecobank: 700201

The array of Paybill numbers underscores their pervasive role in simplifying financial transactions across Kenya, fostering efficiency and accessibility in the realm of commerce.