Magix Enga Lists Top Artists Who Used & Dumped Him

There has been a disturbing video of Magix Enga, one of the biggest music producers in Kenya, going around. The video shows the producer in a dilapidated condition begging an unknown group of men to feed him with chips. Most of his fans have asked questions about what might have happened to the once celebrated artist.

In our quest to understand what happened, we found a video of him talking about some top Kenyan artists who used and dumped him.

Otile Brown is mentioned heavily as one of the musicians that took advantage of Magix Enga. In an interview with Plug TV, the producer reveals that he has produced more than ten songs for Otile but has nothing to show from it.

“I can’t even talk about Otile Brown. Right now, I am his fan and I love his music. The only money I have gotten from producing his songs is only 20 thousand from all the songs. It was only 20 thousand from his song with Khaligraph Jones),” he says in the interview, insisting that he got nothing extra.


He further reveals that Otile Brown doesn’t pick up his calls.

“We were supposed to sign a sprint sheet but this is someone who doesn’t pick up my calls even now,” he adds.

Arrow Bwoy is also mentioned alongside Otile as those who used and dumped him. He says this was after he produced and recorded the famous Digi Digi hit song that amassed more than ten million views on YouTube. Allegedly, Arrow Bwoy also blocked him.

“I have never gotten anything from Digi Digi. Not even a thousand shillings! You understand?” he laments.

In another instance, the producer questioned the local Kenyan promoters playing more Nigerian songs than Kenyan songs. Apparently, he had not gotten a chance to perform some of the biggest songs in Kenya while Nigerians got more platforms to do so.

“It is funny and sad that I never performed any one of my big songs anywhere. Watoto na Pombe featuring Otile Brown and Mejja, Dundaing featuring King Kaka and Kristoff, Bami featuring Khaligarph Jones, and many more. But I see them giving Nigerian artists a chance,” he said.