Stivo Simple Boy Disses Eric Omondi

Stivo Simple Boy Disses Eric Omondi

Stivo Simple Boy is rocking the internet again after dissing Eric Omondi in his latest music video.

The ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker and the self-proclaimed “President of Comedy Africa” have been on crossed paths in the last few weeks.

It started when Simple Boy’s show at Wild Waters in Mombasa didn’t go as planned. Stevo was supposed to perform alongside Afrobeat star Ruger, but things went from bad to worst for the Kenyan rapper.

As other artists used choppers to travel to Mombasa, Stivo used a bus. As if that was not enough, the promoters of the event asked him to perform without pay which he declined.

Eric Omondi Exposed

According to Stivo’s two roommates, it was during the ongoing misfortunes that Eric Omondi called the rapper requesting him to perform without pay.

Stevo still held his ground of not performing without pay.

Stivo Simple Boy disses Eric Omondi

Moments later, Eric Omondi called for the sacking of Simple Boy’s management. He alleged that the rapper’s ordeal resulted from dysfunctional and incompetent management.

This was before things took a twist where Eric was exposed for being among those who wanted Stevo to “perform for exposure.”

In a recent music video, “Haya Basi,” the rapper Eric Omondi has been dissed in connection with his “President” title.

“Naskia walisema nifute manager, kumbe hao hao hao ndio mateja,(I hear they said I should sack my manager when they are the worst),” he says in one of the verses.

“They are pretending as if they love me when they are the same talking behind my back,” he further says in verse.

Netizens have concluded that Eric Omondi is being referred to here.

It’s in the chorus where it gets even more clear.

“Naskia vitu vingi, naskikia kiki kiki. Nasikia vitu vingi ule rais ni wa nini? (I hear a lot of things; a lot of clouts what’s that President for?),” he sings in the chorus.