How to Enjoy Spotify Premium at Zero Cost

If you are looking for something to accompany you through the day, playing your favorite tunes could get you through faster and in a more relaxing way. Setting a playlist on Spotify is an excellent way to wind down or get some work done.

Spotify is the biggest and most loved music streaming platform. It has millions of songs available and you always get introduced to new music. However, they come with annoyances, if and when you are using the free version of the app.

How to Enjoy Spotify Premium at Zero Cost

Spotify’s free tier includes forced song shuffle, limited skips, and lower music quality, making a subscription appealing. There are 5 types of premium plans:

Mini Premium: Ksh 49 / 1 week

1 mobile-only account, offline listening of up to 30 songs on 1 device, one-time payment, and basic audio quality.

Individual: Free For 3 months

KES 299 / month after

1 Premium account, Cancel anytime, Subscribe or one-time payment

Student: Free for 1 month

KES 149 / month after

1 verified Premium account, discount for eligible students, cancel anytime, subscribe or one-time payment

Duo: KSHS 389 per month

2 Premium accounts, cancel anytime, subscribe or one-time payment

Family: KSHS 479 per month

Up to 6 Premium accounts, control content marked as explicit, cancel anytime, subscribe or one-time payment

If you don’t like ads disrupting your vibe? Here’s how to get your Premium benefits completely for free:

1. A New Spotify Account

Spotify lets you test out their service for months completely free. The individual plan offers a 3-month free trial plan, while the other tiers let you check them out for a month. Free trials are only available for new Spotify users. If you’re already a Spotify user but still want to use a free trial period, you’ll have to create a new Spotify account with a new email address. After setting up your payment method, you’ll be granted a free trial period.

How to Enjoy Spotify Premium at Zero Cost

2. PayPal

Get your first 3 months of Spotify Premium free when you sign up with PayPal. It’s ad-free music, plus a simple way to manage your subscription payments by paying using your PayPal account.

3. Microsoft Rewards

First, sign up for the Microsoft Rewards program and perform 3 Bing searches over a 14-day period. That will make you eligible for the free Spotify Premium trial.  You can continue accumulating points to redeem other awards as well.

4. Tinder

Get 4 months of Spotify Premium for free if you are a first-time Tinder user. It’s then USD 10 per month after that. So swapping those new profiles as you listen to new music to keep you in the mood.

5. Spotify Access With New Device

Nowadays, new tech devices come with offers and Spotify is widely becoming one of the features. When ordering a new smartphone or other new electronics, check the fine print. You might find an offer for either a free trial period or a free subscription period.

The free trial period is eligible only for new Spotify users, while a free subscription can be a code you redeem even if you’re already subscribed to Spotify Premium.