Akothee YouTube channel taken down

Musician Akothee YouTube Channel Taken Down

Sad news for Akothee as her YouTube channel is taken down over copyright-related issues.

She revealed this on her official Facebook page on Saturday morning.

“YouTube, I do not know who ONEPRM is, all I know is my Youtube Chanel is being run and monitored by NGOMA and I receive my monthly royalties from NGOMA,” she wrote.

She says that the channel has been suspended as a result of other people using her content on their channels.

I am coming for you

“All these other idiots need to collect all my money they have been collecting on my behalf and give me. I can’t kill myself trying to go make money and others hopping on it,” the post read.

YouTube first suspended her video after someone by the name OnePRM claimed copyright over the video titled “Madam Boss pays Diani people a surprise visit before she shuts down Diani Beach Festival”.

“A copyright owner using Content ID has claimed some material video. Your video is live and the visibility setting you selected remain applied to it. But is now either being monetized by the copyright owner, or they have chosen to receive analytics about it,” the copyright message from YouTube read.

As if this was not enough, they went ahead and suspended the channel. Right now, the channel is not available.

On trying to click on one of her music video, I received a notification that the channel had been closed down.

“This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with the video has been closed,” the notification read.

Akothee has sent a warning to anyone that is using her content on their platforms. She says they will pay for it and she is not leaving them to benefit from her sweat.

“Any other person uploading my content on their channels without my permission. I am coming,” she said.