Khalawale mourns Pogba

Boni Khalwale Mourns Pogba

The former Kakamega senator Dr Boni Khalwale is mourning the demise of his “Pogba”.

Pogba is a name given to his bull and not the Manchester United and France sensational midfielder, Paul Pogba.

“The great bull for the Abakakamega, Malinya Pogba is gone. Gone to rest with Iminyi the G.O.AT,” he wrote on his Facebook page while giving his final tribute.

The bull has succumbed after a longtime battle with illness according to his statement.

“He has just succumbed to East Coast Fever after a long battle,” he added.

Dr Boni Khalwale is a known bullfighter and his bull Pogba has been at the centre stage of his trademark identity. Its, therefore, a big loss to him, the Malinya people and many other bullfighters from the region and beyond.

“Long live the King of the beautiful game,” Khalwale said.

He is not the only one in agony over the loss of Pogba. Other netizens joined him in giving their last remarks to the great Pogba.

“Sad news from Malinya this morning. The great POGBA is dead. This is a big blow. Pole Sana  @KBonimtetezi,” said Abuga Makori, EGH,MBE.

He also urged the government other relevant stakeholders to recognise bullfighting as a sport in Kenya.

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