Reject BBI-Martha Karua tells Kenyans

BBI Amendment Initiative is Illegal-Martha Karua

NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 29 – NARC Kenya leader Martha Karua has called on Kenyans to resist the initiative to amend the constitution through BBI.

The collection of signatures for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) was formally launched in a function presided over by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner Raila Odinga on 25th Nov.

“This is a progressive country and Kenyans must be prepared for change,” he said, adding that the initiative aims to amend and not replace the current constitution.


Raila Odinga, on the other hand, stated that “Kenya has opened a new chapter that will culminate to a national referendum, ” adding that “reggae had just posed, and is now back” and declared that “nobody can stop reggae.”

Martha Karua now leads a movement of people opposing the BBI and she is calling on others to join her. The movement is known as Linda Katiba and it seeks to “defend the constitution” according to her.

President Uhuru, Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto | Photo Courtesy

“We are here to reach out to other Kenyans of like minds to join us as we build a movement Linda Katiba to defend the constitution, defeat impunity and advance the transformational agenda that we set for ourselves a decade ago,” she said

The 2010 constitution is still good

The Narc Kenya leader adds that the 2010 promulgated constitution is still good and there is no need to amend it.

“We assure Kenyans that the constitution of Kenya is still a good document that was proclaimed as one of the most progressive in the world when we promulgated it in August of 2010,” she added.

She alludes that the initiative to amend the constitution through BBI is untimely, illegal and illegitimate and that Kenyans should resist it.

“We are calling on Kenyans to resist the illegitimate, illegal and ill-timed constitutional amendment initiative,” she said.