Wodemaya Quits YouTube

In the realm of YouTube, few creators have left a mark as profound and meaningful as Wodemaya.

With his infectious energy, unwavering optimism, and dedication to showcasing the beautiful side of Africa, Wodemaya has amassed a dedicated following and inspired countless individuals worldwide. However, his recent announcement to depart the platform has left many fans reeling, marking the end of an era for his channel and fans.

Berthold Winkler, better recognized by his professional moniker Wode Maya, stands as a renowned YouTube figure, vlogger, and aeronautical engineer hailing from Ghana. His journey to fame commenced with captivating videos documenting life in China, swiftly captivating a global audience and propelling his YouTube channel to soaring viewership heights. Today, Maya’s channel stands proudly among Africa’s top-ranking platforms, a testament to his captivating content and widespread appeal towards a positively -viewed Africa.

For years, Wodemaya has been a beacon of positivity and empowerment, using his platform to challenge stereotypes, highlight the beauty of African cultures, and advocate for change. His videos, ranging from heartwarming encounters with locals to eye-opening discussions on development issues and cultures, have resonated with millions, offering a refreshing perspective on a continent often misrepresented in mainstream media.

So, why the sudden departure?

“I once listened to Professor Lumumba when he said, a good dancer must always know when to leave the stage. It’s about time for me to leave the stage and focus on the next chapter of my life,” he says in his quitting vlog.

Wodemaya cited various reasons for his decision, including the toll of constantly traveling, marriage, and financial constraints.

“You guys never told me that marriage would never be that easy. I mean, when I was dating it was so much fun but I never knew that marriage would be this tough,” he says.

The Youtuber married a fellow Kenyan Youtuber, Miss Trudy in 2021 and they recently marked their third anniversary.

The other reason touched on finances, especially after traveling to the Carribean. He states that his bank accounts took a nose dive after having the time of his life in the region and now his main focus is to build his business side of YouTube.

“This is more like the next phase of my career, to build wealth. In building wealth I cannot have a divided attention from moving from one place to another. I just want to stay home and focus on this business,” he continued.

Wodemaya is back

Did you think he was going anywhere? Wodemaya is back like he never left. After reading many comments from people asking his whereabouts, Wodemaya has announced his return. He has promised consistency and went a step ahead to promise content like never before. From now on, Wodemaya has promised videos on his now 1.55 million subscribers YouTube channel a video every day of the week except Mondays and Thursdays.

To support his new venture, a new office has been opened in Ghana where the editing will be done before being uploaded to his various platforms. The idea is to create wealth and try to restore the money they spent in the Caribbean.

According to him, he will only quit after fulfilling one thing.

Marcus Garvey, Black!

“Marcus Garvey wanted to bring over 400 million Africans to the continent but he never lived to achieve it. If I am here, telling Africans to come back home, this is the history that I wanna make with you. Please, let’s make this dream a reality. If I make this possible, or if I make this happen I will surely quit this YouTube journey because what is on my heart has finally come to reality.”

Indeed, Wodemaya’s impact extends far beyond the digital realm. Through his philanthropic efforts, he has provided aid to countless individuals and communities in need, demonstrating the power of using one’s platform for good.

In the end, Wodemaya’s decision to diversify his vlogging serves as a poignant reminder that self-care and personal growth should always take precedence, even in the pursuit of passion projects. As we reflect on his journey and the impact he has had, let us carry forward his message of unity, resilience, and hope, embracing the diversity of the world and striving to make it a better place for all.